Using MEL Science Kits to Supplement Your Homeschool

MEL Science Kits are a great way to supplement your science curriculum. Check out this MEL Science Review plus, get an awesome MEL Science Discount code for 3 free months!

Can you use MEL Science Kits as a homeschool science curriculum?

Mel Science is more than just another monthly subscription box. It's a portal into a world full of science wonders. Most kits you purchase just have a few activities inside for kids to explore, but MEL Science kits go beyond just the monthly kit with videos, augmented reality, virtual reality activities, interactive videos, and more.

Video guides help walk students through each experiment and gives information about what they're learning.

The augmented reality activities put your student in the middle of the action with just a cell phone or tablet. Through augmented reality, students can explore and discover different aspects of their current kit.

Virtual reality is probably my kids' favorite resources. Have you ever wanted to walk into the center of an atom? Students will be fully immersed into the subject they're studying and get an up close look at different science aspects.

In fact, having a subscription to MEL Science can be an entire science curriculum all in itself!

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What age is MEL Science for?

MEL Science kits are available for all ages from the STEM boxes that start at age 5 through Physics boxes for elementary and middle school science to the Chemistry boxes which are great for middle and high schoolers. MEL Science even has specialty boxes for students interested in medicine or coding.

Using MEL Science Kits for Homeschool Elementary Science

STEM MEL Science kits are best for early elementary students. Kids can learn how to build a microscope using a cell phone and how to prepare specimens to look at under the homemade microscope. Plus, go further in depth with unique digital experiences.

The STEM MEL Science kits cover everything from building seismographs and learning about earthquakes to building a hydraulic lift to assembling a working transmitter and sending morse code messages.

The Alternative energy box from MEL Science teaches about wind energy, solar energy, and teaches kids how to build an electric generator.

Using MEL Science Kits for Homeschool Middle School Science

MEL Science kits could definitely be used as a stand alone homeschool middle school science curriculum. Every month students will receive a new MEL Science kit with 3+ experiments covering a certain subject like aerodynamics, magnipulation, liquiosity, and so much more.

Then take your MEL Science kit even further by diving into the additional materials found online. The MEL in MEL Science stands for "more efficient learning" and they do just that through pairing the MEL Science kits with the additional resources found on the website. On the website you'll find videos, virtual reality experiences, and augmented reality opportunities to pair with your monthly science kit.

MEL Science Chemistry Kits are perfect to use as a full middle school Homeschool science curriculum.
Using MEL Science Kits for Homeschool Science as a Stand Alone Curriculum is Possible