K12 Online School or Secular Homeschool: Which is Better?

Thinking about signing your kids up for K12 online school? You may want to think about Secular Homeschool instead. Secular homeschooling is the freedom of homeschool without religious content. Continue reading to learn about the differences between K12 Online School vs Secular Homeschooling and decide which is better for you!

Chances are...if you're looking at K12 online school for your kids, then secular homeschooling is right for you. I know, I know...homeschooling gets a bad rap because of the stereotypes associated with it. But there are so many non-religious reasons to choose homeschooling...that's what secular homeschools are all about!

Homeschooling or K12 Online School
The stereotype of homeschool families scares so many away...but, in reality, homeschooling is an amazing educational opportunity designed to instill a love of learning and excitement around school

There's this stereotype in America of what typical homeschoolers are like. It's what we've been shown over and over in movies, tv shows, etc. The ultra conservative, long dress wearing, hair braided mother teaching socially awkward kids who don't plan to attend college.

But, that's fiction!

In fact, very few homeschoolers actually fit that stereotype. Most homeschoolers are just like everyone else...they just school a little differently than traditional school students. It's really no different than having friends who attend a magnet school, charter school, or private school. You wouldn't be able to tell them apart from everyone else.

And did you know... 25% of all new homeschoolers are secular...meaning they're not homeschooling for religious reasons!

K12 Online School vs. Secular Homeschool...What's the difference?

K12 Online School is fine if you're wanting to check off the educational box and move on with life. With that said, K12 Online School takes the boring parts of homeschooling and packages it into a traditional school option that does very little to engage and excite your student.

Sure, they're learning the standards for their appropriate grade. And, as long as your kids complete the lessons, no one will be questioning your choices for schooling. But, K12 Online School is still just teaching to the test. It's recreating public school at home but without the "socialization" or "fun stuff".

When kids aren't engaged they're not retaining the information they're learning.

With homeschooling, you have so much more freedom to engage your children and give them an incredible education that will serve them throughout life. Check out the Homeschool Laws & Regulations to find out what's required in your state.

For most states, when you choose K12 Online School....you have to open a homeschool anyway. So why not give secular homeschooling a try instead. In most states you can create your own curriculum based on what your children want to learn...and don't worry, this doesn't have to be super expensive or time consuming. In fact, I find it's easier to pick and choose curriculums for my kids rather than go with a whole set.

Remember...if your kids are engaged and excited to learn then they'll want to do the curriculum. If they're not wanting to do the curriculum then it's probably not the right curriculum for them and it's okay to switch to something else.

The great thing about homeschooling is that YOU can change things up as you see fit. If your kid is just not getting the math program...switch it out. Find something that works. You're not tied into a set curriculum like you are with K12 Online School or a district level online school.

You can check out my favorite secular curriculums and find something that works for you.

It's also important to learn about your child's learning style and find a style that works for them. My oldest loves to read and is a visual learner, so living history books are great for him. But, my youngest can't sit still for more than 10 minutes and is an audible learner, so on-the-go audio books and podcasts work best for her.