Homeschooling in Wisconsin

Please note, this is not intended as legal advice. This is for informational purposes only and should you choose to Homeschool in Wisconsin then you need to double check the Wisconsin Department of Education website for current regulations.

Homeschool in Wisconsin
Planning on homeschooling in Wisconsin? Make sure you're following these regulations so your homeschool stays in compliance with Wisconsin homeschool regulations.

To homeschool in Wisconsin parents must file a form of intent with the Department of Public Instruction and then meet two major requirements each year:

  1. Provide 875 hours of instruction each school year.
  2. Provide a sequentially-based method of instruction where children build on previous knowledge.
  3. Teach the required subjects
  4. Provide a sequentially progressive curriculum

The best way to stay on top of changes in homeschool regulations is to connect with other local homeschoolers in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Secular Homeschool Groups


“CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment) is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.

Sheboygan Secular Homeschool Group

“This is a secular homeschool group, if your family has religion you’re still welcome! Just ask that religion topics be kept off the board and if you recommend curriculum it be secular only.”

Wisconsin Secular Homeschoolers (Wi.S.H)

“This group is for secular homeschoolers in Wisconsin. By secular, this means not using religion in homeschooling materials.”