Homeschooling in Texas

Please note, this is not intended as legal advice. This is for informational purposes only and should you choose to Homeschool in Texas then you need to double check the Texas Education Agency website for current regulations.

Planning on homeschooling in Texas? Make sure you're following these regulations so your homeschool stays in compliance with Texas homeschool regulations.

Texas homeschooling laws only require:

  • A bona fide instruction for the student.
  • The curriculum to be visual in nature (such as textbooks, workbooks, online programs, etc.).
  • The following subjects to be covered: reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and citizenship.

Homeschools in Texas are considered private schools and therefore not regulated by the state. As such, there is no minimum amount of days required for homeschooling in Texas.

The best way to stay on top of changes in homeschool regulations is to connect with other local homeschoolers in Texas.

Texas Secular Homeschool Groups

Austin Area Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for Austin Area Secular Homeschoolers to network with each other and share events and other opportunities happening in the Austin and surrounding areas (Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Hutto, Georgetown, Dripping Springs, Leander, etc) .”

Baytown Secular Homeschool Chat

“This group will be for sharing links and resources as well as a place for those that are considering homeschooling and wanting to learn more or who have children that are under the age of 5 and looking for resources for their preschoolers. We welcome anyone here that is interested in Secular Homeschooling no matter what stage they are in the Homeschooling Journey.”

Burleson TX Secular Homeschoolers and Unschoolers

“For secular homeschool / unschool adults near Burleson Texas. For purposes of this group secular means that we keep religious beliefs separate from academic and from discussions in this group. “

Cypress Inclusive Homeschoolers

This “is a non-hierachecal parent-led cooperative. Our philosophy revolves around mutual respect and communication. We are families of different backgrounds, beliefs, and homeschooling styles but we share one common goal: Join together to build a positive and diverse homeschooling community!”

Denton Area Association of Secular Homeschoolers (DASH)

“Denton area Association of Secular Homeschoolers (DASH) is a co-operative of homeschooling families based in Denton, Texas that meets every Friday year-round, except for the month of December…. Hanging out at the park, hands-on activities, classes and mini-camps, field trips and community service projects…all this and more are on our menu!”

El Paso Ft Bliss Homeschool ~ Unschool Youngsters

“This group was created SPECIFICALLY for those homeschooling and/or unschooling families who have younger kids. We are striving for meet-ups, play dates and information sharing pertaining to those kids who are Pre-K through 6th/7th grade. This is a non denomination/secular group. Any and all faiths are welcome and we do NOT discriminate against ANYONE.”

Fort Hood Homeschoolers

This is “an inclusive group which welcomes families of all nationalities, races, spiritual beliefs, and homeschooling styles.”

Fort Worth Area Secular Homeschoolers

“This is a group for homeschoolers in the Fort Worth area looking for a community of friends that isn’t based on a common religion.”

Great Minds Learning Community

This is “a three-day secular, alternative micro-school catering to both gifted learners without learning differences and twice-exceptional learners (gifted with learning differences) grades 3-11 (for 2020-2021, adding 12th the following year). We welcome gifted students and twice-exceptional students with learning differences/challenges/disabilities, such as: dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, sensory processing challenges, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, chemical sensitivity and allergies, Asperger’s/High Functioning Autism, anxiety, or social difficulties.”

Homeschoolers East 

“Homeschoolers East (HSE) is a secular, inclusive, community-based homeschooling group in East Dallas, Texas. We are a thriving group of families with a wide variety of homeschooling methods and philosophies who have been coming together for over a decade. The families of Homeschoolers East meet weekly to hold classes, gather in community, and support each other in our choice to educate our children in our own unique way.

Inclusive Homeschooling Georgetown, TX

“A SECULAR (activities and discussions will have no religious basis) but INCLUSIVE group for anyone currently homeschooling. There are NO religious requirements…. Ideally, this should be a group for people roughly in the Georgetown, TX area. Feel free to share tips on curriculum, techniques, schedules, laws and more. Let’s meet up for play dates/breaks and educational opportunities. If this sounds like a good fit, and your child is at least 4 years of age, please request to join!”

Lewisville Area Secular Homeschoolers (LASH)

“LASH was created to help meet the social and educational needs of secular homeschoolers in and around the Lewisville area.”

Mid Cities Homeschool Group

“We are a secular homeschool group dedicated to providing friends, fun, field trips, and social gatherings.”

North TX Homeschooled Teens Social Group

“NTHTSG is a secular group for home schooled/unschooled teens (ages 13 through high school graduation), their families, and friends, who live within the Dallas/Fort Worth area.”

Parenting, Academics, and Leadership Support (PALS)

“PALS is an all-inclusive, secular, homeschool support group meeting in Humble, Spring and The Woodlands, Texas. All are welcome regardless of race, religion, home school style, etc…. No fees or statement of faith to join.”

Pearland Secular Homeschoolers

“Secular Homeschool group located in Pearland, TX. Members from other areas are welcome, but most of our events take place in Pearland.”

San Angelo Inclusive Homeschoolers

“This group is for homeschoolers who wish to gather together from time to time to support one another, share ideas, and just have fun. This group is for all homeschooling families regardless of religion, ethnicity, or orientation.”

San Antonio Secular Homeschoolers

“This group is for those homeschooling specifically without a religious focus and is a place where questions can be asked or discussed without worry about opening religious or political debates.”

Secular Homeschoolers in Texas

“This group is for Secular Homeschoolers in Texas. Please understand that answering the questions to join are not optional. These questions help keep this group a positive and safe place to learn and help others.”

Secular Homeschoolers of North Texas

“A safe space for Secular Homeschoolers residing in North Texas proper to talk about the process of homeschooling, share ideas, events, curriculum, challenges and success stories.”

Secular Kids of NE Texas

“(SKoNET) is an activity group for families who believe in science as the basis for fact. It is a place for atheists, agnostics, and people of beliefs, but it has no religious affiliation.”

Triangle Homeschoolers

“Triangle Homeschoolers is a homeschooling support group for parents in the Golden Triangle area of Southeast Texas (Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange) and surrounding areas who are, or are interested in, homeschooling/unschooling their children.”

WISH – Westside Inclusive Secular Homeschoolers (Houston, Tx)

“WISH – Westside Inclusive Secular Homeschoolers – is a community of families who are homeschooling children ages 5-18. We facilitate activities for our children in Katy and Sugar Land, Texas. We have created an environment where diversity is respected and discussed without negativity.”

WORLDschool Co-op & Enrichment San Antonio

“WORLDschool Co-op & Enrichment SA History, Art, & Science homeschool enrichment A hands-on, project-based, Socratic centered enrichment classes and meet ups in SA.”